Charmed may be about witches and ancient witchcraft, but not all witches are bad. Three very different sisters are working together to vanquish evil and protect the lives of innocent people. Our very own Charmed tattoo may just make you feel a little safer at night and add some celebrity charm!

Charmed tattoos will give you the opportunity to display your temporary celebrity magic to your friends and protect yourself from the evil forces, or maybe just an annoying sister! If you’ve been looking for special Charmed tattoos, then see our fantastic tattoo below.

Charmed Temporary Tattoo

Charmed Temporary Tattoo

Tattoo Fashion price: 1.50 / $2.57


Temporary Tattoo - Small 1.5 x 1.5 inch (4 x 4cm)approx

A charming temporary celeb tattoo design spirited from the TV show Charmed! Click here for other Charmed celebrity tattoos Alyssa Milano Tribal Wonder tattoo, and Alyssa Milano Charm Cross tattoo.

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