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Moon Stars Tattoo Free Tattoo

Moon Stars Tattoo Free Tattoo

Tattoo Fashion price: 2.00 / $3.42


Moon Stars Temporary Tattoo - Small/Medium W1.5ins x H3inch (3.8cm x 7.5cm)approx

Our Moon Stars tattoo comes free with your order of 5 tattoos or more, or any of our themed tattoo packs.

Are you a star gazer? Look at the night sky its mesmerising, clear skies and stars but to see the crescent moon and stars together is an amazing and magical experience!

Magical and enchanting the moon and stars inspired our famous tattoo designer 'Body Spirit' to create this tattoo design.

Lots of celebrities have star tattoos and it does seem popular to have the moon and stars together.

Wear it for your own reason and experience tranquillity taken from the moon and stars.

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