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Hey this blog is about sharing… we were approached by the lovely Charlie Doe who is a beauty blog writer and I have to say she has written some interesting blogs so you guys should check them out!

She asked us if we could help her as she was wondering about temporary tattoos and how they worked looked ect so we sent her some to try and she gave her honest opinion on them in her blog,  so check out her tattoo fashion blog  here

She is seen wearing a variation of the tattoos … let us know your thoughts…

Rita Ora has a baby bird

ritaoratattoo-dove tattoo

Looks like Rita Ora might have taken inspiration from Nelly Furtado’s ‘I’m Like A Bird’ for one of her tats. The stunning singer added a bird on the back of her neck and to her ever growing  ink collection, Rita posted a pic of it on Twitter, alongside the caption: “My new baby bird thank you @bangbangnyc”.  looks like Bang Bang is the tattoo artist of choice with the celebrities, Rihanna has recently been to see him again in New York to add another tattoo to her wrist, any of you guys had a tattoo done by Bang bang??? lets see if you have! will post some more of Rita’s art work soon watch this space!

Bang Bang Rihanna’s got a new tattoo

rihanna arm art

Rihanna, has added another tattoo to her collection making it 21 tattoos in total so far, here in the picture  your see some tattoos shes had done on her hand and arm, and  how shes had them changed along the way, her new tattoo is the cross on the inside of her wrist, think the whole arm will be covered soon!

She flew to New York to see the only person she knows and trusts how to add this masterpiece of a creation to her growing collection, Bang Bang the famous tattoo artist who is based in New York  has been tattooing Rhianna for sometime now and she seems to be hooked on his art work  just like a few  other celebrity’s such as  model Cara, and  singer Rita to name a few.


Chelsea fan has the words ‘John Obi Mikel’ tattooed on his bum..

Lee Mitchell  Mikel scored, tattoo on bum

Chelsea Fan, Lee Mitchell made the brave promise that if Mikel scored, he would get either the Chelsea badge or Mikel’s name tattooed on his bum, safe in the knowledge that the Nigerian had scored just three goals in his seven-and-a-half years at Stamford Bridge.

As you can see in the picture, the tweet read: “If Mikel scores today I’ll get his name or the Chelsea badge tattooed on my ass.” but lee went with his name rather than the crest of his beloved Chelsea. Only he knows why.

Would you go that far? Robbie Williams Fans did!

Think personally I would of gone with the Chelsea club badge, what happens when Mikel moves club!!!!!

A remix of Lady Gaga’s ‘Do What U Want’ featuring Christina Aguilera

These ladies are a force to be reckoned with! I Love this song and after hearing the remix of these two lovely ladies voices I had to tell you all! it originally features rapper R. Kelly. The song is off Gaga’s latest album “ARTPOP.”It was after a surprise show stopping performance on The Voice US, a studio version featuring a newly recorded verse from Christina Aguilera was made available purchase on iTunes. or just check it out on YouTube


What do you guys think of it? who do you prefer R Kelly or Christina?

Sad day for the Rock.. and the rest of us

the rock moari tattoosDwayne Douglas Johnson, also known by his fighting ring name The Rock, is an American actor and semi-retired professional wrestler who works for WWE. Johnson was a college football player, the  41 year old Rock,  Dwayne Douglas Johnson was born in Hayward, California on May 2nd 1972 While growing up, Dwayne traveled around a lot with his parents and watched his father perform in the ring. During his high school years, Dwayne began playing football

He’s been in some great movies , and the sad news of his co star Paul Walker from the movie fast and furious, who was tragically killed in a car accident yesterday has devastated us all around the world.

We would like to share our condolences with Paul’s family and friends, this is a sad day and  great loss.



Harry Styles may be fobbing off sightings with reality star Kendall Jenner but the one direction  star insists there’s only one real special  lady in his life –  sorry ladies its his beloved big sis Gemma.

The serial lady’s man  revealed his unbreakable bond with sister Gemma who’s  22-year-old and says he’d never treat her like a member of staff or like a personal assistant like some stars do. It’s nice to keep professional and keep family separate,  he loves her but said big sis Gemma would be an awful assistant!

That’s nice to hear Harry, and no hard feelings Gem,  I’m sure little bro’s  fans don’t want big sis always tagging along.

Robbie & Teddy

robbie and baby

Carrying on with the Robbie Williams theme! I just had to post this picture of him with his Daughter Theodora “Teddy” all the Robbie fans will love this but  its a contrast  to the super dapper picture of him on the cover of his new album “swings both ways” which was released on Monday, hes dedicated some of the tunes to his daughter! Nice one Robbie

Apparently he doesn’t want his daughter to meet or end up with a guy like him! Awww we love you Robbie … didn’t turn out to bad after all!!!

If your a Robbie  tribute artist  your be pleased to know you don’t have to get inked, you can get most of them as temporary tattoos

Robbie Swings Both Ways!

robbie swings both ways albumoutnow

Its out Today all you Robbie Fans and its featuring some other great artists cant wait to hear it, Robbie is looking very smart and slick in this picture which is the cover picture to his new album. ” Swings Both Ways”

The Album has had some good reviews, let us know if your a Robbie Williams fan or even a Robbie tribute artist what you think of the album!

Will it make the Christmas No 1 album! its got some competition  Lady GaGa released her brilliant album Artpop last week and I’m sure we have a few more album releases to look forward to over the next few weeks.


Bay Watch Babe Pammy .. Looking Grand

pamela-anderson-tattoo_barbed wire bandBay Watch Babe still has it! Pamela Anderson seen here looking very  elegant and wearing her barbed wire band tattoo with pride,

This tattoo style  is still popular and looks good on guys and the girls, but if your unsure of getting one for real or maybe your  going to a fancy dress party as a “bay watch babe”  in your red one piece swimsuit!  Well don’t forget to get your temporary tattoo the fake version  which only last a few hours if you want a a few days if you’d like it too! get yours from the arm band or celebrity section at