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Irish Claddagh & Celtic Tree of Life Tattoo Meaning

Irish Claddagh & Celtic Tree of Life TattooSThe various interpretations and meanings of Celtic symbols is not something that has come about in a couple of years. It has taken generations and many centuries to be what it is today. There are a number of researches conducted by anthropologists and archaeologists to buffet this claim.

Let us over the next few lines try and find out something more about the various meanings and interpretations associated with these Celtic symbols. The internet is a big source of information about these symbols and there are also quite a few books which also share this information.

 Irish Claddagh Symbol

The Irish Claddagh symbol is named after the Irish coastal town of Claddagh. It has the design of a ring and this is supposed to be in attribution to an old legend. Legend has it that the ring is all about a person who after being kidnapped by a group of townsman fought his way back and gifted the ring to his true love. It is even today one of the most romantic stories as far as Ireland is concerned.

The legendary Celtic Claddagh is often considered as a symbol of friendship and loyalty. It is considered one of the best ways to express ones romantic love. It is common to see this Celtic design appearing in many rings and of late it is also found in various other items like napkins and jewellery and also in family crests. The hands which are a part of this design denote friendship while the heart represents love. The crown talks about loyalty.

There is not one single meanings ascribed to the Celtic Claddagh and different people over years have different meanings ascribed to it. It is also worn as a wedding ring and usually is worn on the left hand. The heart is usually pointed inward.

However, when it is used as an engagement ring it is worn on the right, with the heart again pointing inward. When one wants to use it as a symbol of friendship it is worn on the right hand and the heart is pointed towards the outside.

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Celtic Tree of Life Symbol

There are many images available in this Celtic Claddagh and they are supposed to represent the tree of life. The tree was part of the early Celtic spirituality. The tree is supposed to represent a symbol of food and also as a provider of shelter apart from being used for warmth and cooking.

It is also associated with many beliefs about the supernatural world. It is widely believed even today that there is a connection between trees and the world of ancestors and spirits. It is often considered an entrance to some other worlds.

It is also widely believed that the wood that is available from these sacred tress are supposed to contain many magical properties. This is available in many Celtic Ogham alphabets and each letter represents a particular form of tree as far as the Celtic people are concerned.

The trees had different functions to perform. While there are some which help in giving food to people, others provide wood for making weapons for use in hunting. There were some trees which are considered very sacred and are associated with fairy tales and as worship to gods. In many stories related to Celtic creations, trees were considered to be the ancestors of mankind. They are often looked upon as elders with lot of knowledge and wisdom.

Of the various trees Oak is considered the most sacred. It is often referred to as the axis mind, which is also looked upon as the centre of universe. The oak tree is also considered to be the doorway to the other world.

In fact the original name for Celtic was Daur, which eventually has changed and become door. Further it is common to see the word Druid being used which has a meaning of Celtic Priestly Class. Hence any wise man is often compared to the oak tree and often called as a person who is Oak Wise.

There are a number of Irish legends which also revolve around tree. There are stories which often talk about people falling asleep under a tree and waking up a completely different world. Further these trees according to Celtic legends also guard sacred wells and also help in healing apart from being a source of wisdom and shelter. They also are supposed to carry messages to the other world and often help in blessings on a day to basis.

Apart from the Celtic tree, there are also other symbols such as Celtic Cross, Solar Cross,
Celtic Triquetra which is supposed to of three symbols that are interlocked. It is a symbol of a Holy Trinity consisting of father, son and the holy spirit.  It is considered to be the ideal Christian symbol.

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