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Liam Payne One Direction Star, has a new Feather Tattoo

One Direction star Liam Payne shows us his  new tattoo that  his mum approves of, which  is said to be in memory of his nan. The feather tattoo holds symbolic meanings to who ever wears this kind of tattoo design. Men and women both … Continue reading

Robbie Williams signs a female fan’s butt… so she can get it TATTOOED…. is he Back For Good, as Dr Who!

Cheeky! Robbie Williams signs a female fan’s bottom on stage after she holds up a poster requesting to get his autograph tattooed! “She’s the Bum” But our poor Robbie has been suffering with a bad back and nearly didn’t finish his … Continue reading

lady Gaga’s peace tattoo, the meaning behind her body art

Lady Gaga quoted about the meaning of her peace tattoo she said “My peace sign was inspired by John Lennon, “I grew up two blocks from the Imagine memorial. It’s actually one block away from where John Lennon was assassinated. I’m a … Continue reading

Hilary Duff wears her heart on her wrist

 At last a celebrity tattoo we wouldn’t  mind copying! (well we have actually got a pair of red hearts at The stunning Actress Hilary Duff showes off her new ink,  its a tiny red heart on  her wrist, on Twitter. She posted the … Continue reading

Its Halloween! Death Tattoos / Grim Reaper Tattoos: themes & meanings

Grim Reaper (also referred to as the Angel of Death) is a figure commonly used to represent death. The Grim Reaper became prominent in folklore during the Middle Ages, displacing earlier conceptions of Death as a benevolent, female figure. In … Continue reading